Our mission is to bring people together.

Our games are made in the service of community, camaraderie, and comedy.

We are Feather Fellow Games, and we're the world's wingmen.

Mustapha "Revenge" Price

Inspired by games of all shapes and sizes, Mustapha is passionate about an approach to game design centered around experiences that reflect our lives. From party games designed to bring people together to action-adventures made to awaken our imaginations and inner courage, his love of the medium echoes throughout his work. With Feather Fellows, he brings his writing prowess and design experience to help propel their games to another level, aiming to be a world class wingman in creating connections all over the world. In his free time, he enjoys lofty RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles and Persona 5, big city exploration, and spending time with dear friends.

Taylor "The Pasta King" Wilamowski

While his background was not initially in games, Taylor Wilamowski joined the Feather Fellows ready to build, bringing a new dimension of practical thinking and legal knowledge to the team. His love of horror games and comedy (two forces not always opposed to one another) make his contributions to party games all the more rooted in something tangible and fun. Even though he loves the Olive Garden, that’s not a reflection of his judgement, as he regularly showcases a grounded knowledge to process, and keeps the group on task more often than not. When the flock is separated, Taylor can be found working on craft projects or hiking mountains.

Robert "Bobby" Peterson

Bobby is a technical mastermind. A natural-born problem-solver, he constantly invites others into the inner workings of his brain. Bobby’s creative process involves doing all he can to break things, solely so he can understand them… and sometimes even make them better. He’s a pro at keeping a level head through high pressure projects and linking disparate pieces together. When he’s not banging his head against the keyboard for fun, he’s doing it at his day job as a software engineer. In his time away from his fellow birds, Bobby can always be found exercising his brain and learning new technologies.